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  • DSS stands for Department of Social Security (which is now part of the Department of Work and Pensions), which put simply, means anyone that is on government benefits such as Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. Often rental properties are advertised as ‘No DSS’(Housing Benefits which indicates that the landlord does not want to rent out their property to anyone who receives these benefits.

    If you are a DSS tenant, then you have come to the right place, We specialise in the Housing Benefit market and offer various schemes to assist tenants with moving into our properties. Please speak to one of our representatives for further details

  • On selected properties we accept clients who may currently be claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. We offer a full service and we will keep you up to date with your claims progress and provide any necessary advise regarding your claim. Individual listings on our website will identify whether a property is available to housing benefit applicants.

Do you have any enquiries about DSS? Please register with us for more details

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Arii Property Group (APG) is an independent, family-run property company. Director Abu Rufian has over 25 years’ experience in property sales, commercial, lettings and management, was born and still lives in London.

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