18 Francis Close

£ 2000

Bedrooms : 2
Bathrooms : 1
Price : 2000
Area Code : E14 3DE

Property Details

APG is pleased to present our lovely two-bedroom property with one reception, one bathroom and a separate kitchen! Ideal for small families and groups of friends. With an amazing view, his property makes the perfect home!

A short walk to Canary Wharf and great views of the Thames from home. With a nearby park that is ideal for exercise and recreational activities.


Island Gardens (0.3 miles)
Light Railway Station Mudchute (0.4 miles)
Light Railway Station Crossharbour & London Arena (0.5 miles)

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Arii Property Group (APG) is an independent, family-run property company. Director Abu Rufian has over 25 years’ experience in property sales, commercial, lettings and management, was born and still lives in London.

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